December 3rd, 2016 – Musical Truths

There are moments that the words don’t reach

There is suffering too terrible to name…

The moments when you’re in so deep
Feels easier to just swim down…

If you see him in the street walking by himself
Talking to himself, have pity…

He is working through the unimaginable
His hair has gone gray, he passes every day…

I don’t pretend to know
The challenges we’re facing
I know there’s no replacing what we’ve lost
And you need time
But I’m not afraid
I know who I married
Just let me stay here by your side
And that would be enough…

If you see him in the street, walking by her side
Talking by her side, have pity…

If you see him walking in the park, long after dark
Taking in the sights of the city
Look around, look around, look around
They are trying to do the unimaginable…

There are moments that the words don’t reach
There’s a grace too powerful to name
We push away what we could never understand
We push away the unimaginable
They are standing in the garden
Standing there side by side
She takes his hand
It’s quiet uptown
Forgiveness, can you imagine?
Forgiveness, can you imagine?